Booty Church - barre

A fierce fusion of Pilates and ballet conditioning.


Postural awareness meets muscle chiseling and cardiovascular stimulation. Isolated holds, small movements and bursts of cardio will push you through plateaus with constant variations and new challenges. The barre booty burn is known for being so ferocious that tears may mix with the sweat factor but don't worry, your booty will thank you. 


We like to call this class the #buttliftclinic.

Booty Church

Barre fitness, Pilates techniques, tabata and power flow combines in a synergy of sweat and sizzle to deliver a full body workout. Barre fitness targets the lower body and increases our heart rate. Without the ballet barre we rely on balance to maintain posture that'll put your core to work! Pilates techniques build strength around the abdominals, extremities and joints while equipment is incorporated with body weight exercises for increased burn. Tabata is a form of high intensity interval training that uses short bursts of big movement exercise to stimulate the cardiovascular system.. sweaty, fat burning fun! Flow yoga brings these modalities of movement together and offers increased mobility in the muscles targeted with a cool down stretch to end the practice. Amen to the peach!


Booty Church - pilates

Our twist on Joseph Pilates method of exercise he called 'Contrology', known today as Pilates. Contrology was developed to unify body, mind, and spirit through the precision of movement coordinated with breath. We took his classic repertoire and added some spice, kicking the practice up to another level of challenge and structural improvement.


​On the mat, it's you against gravity. Using just your strong, badass self, this class offers full-body muscle sculpting. In Pilates, we develop structural stability, proper postural alignment, and a strong core by isolating specific muscle groups. A cardiovascular element gets the heart rate soaring while helping you shed fat.

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