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Your purchase will include a 1 year subscription, 3 booty bands, sliders and a carry bag.




Booty bands will soon be your favourite booty burn tool if they aren't already! 

Our bands come in packs of 3 with varying strengths of light, medium and heavy so you can adjust the resistance to your fitness level and increase the burn as you get stronger! The bands are made of fibre and elastic which resists that oh-so-annoying roll up and/or bunching while exercising. 

This travel friendly exercise equipment is a great addition to your home work out with an emphasis on lower body toning and booty building!



Our SALT x BOOTY CHURCH sliders deliver a unique and challenging method to spice up your at home workout. 

What are sliders? Plate sized disks that when placed under hands or feet between a slidable surface create varying degrees of resistance depending on which side is used. This smooth stability and gliding action mimics the smooth moves of the Pilates reformer increasing your core functionality and strength. 

We love the sliders for Pilates and ballet fitness “home work” like in our BOOTY CHURCH online classes. Lunges, single leg plies, squats and hip extensions get a make over when adding the slider challenge.

Who new that minimal equipment and the kitchen floor could give us that ‘leg day’ shake and full body quake?!

Workout Pack + Booty Church Subscription Combo

  • Our at home workout pack is the PERFECT addition to our at home workout videos. Each pack includes sliders and three booty bands in light, medium and heavy resistance all bundled up into a handy carry bag. Each booty band is made from extremely durable fabric and features non slip grips inside ensuring comfort and no awkward slipping during your workouts.

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